Workout Epiphany

I tend to cover up the time left and distance on the ellyptical with a towel while just focusing on my music. It makes the run go by much faster and I always reach the end. As each moment passes, my focus and attention are on my speed and intensity, and not the time remaining. Yesterday I had an epiphany about this mindset. This is much like life. I think a lot of us get overwhelmed by the enormity of the goals that lie down the road. It’s easy to dream about the completion of these goals. But often I have found that the more I have focused on the completion of a goal, the less time and effort I put into reaching it. My mind has a false understanding of the actual progress made as it only thinks about the final steps. It thinks that it can do less work because it has already made so much progress when in reality, not much has been accomplished. The powerful mindset to maintain is one that is not only focused on a goal, but one that focuses on maintaining an active push on always moving forward.

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