Dreams in the Mirror: Part 10

I’m here now
Somebody for you to believe in
I’ve come to start weaving
Together separated threads
Of reality mixed with love and with dread
No longer used to treading on the safer side
Finding it easier to run and to hide
From problems to share yet no one to confide in
When you just want to open up
And renew an inner trust
Between your past, future, and present
States of mind, I’m here to represent the idea
That you can write through your fears
Vocalize the struggle you’ve been fighting for years
Countless tears
For these internal battles are shared
More frequently than you’d expect
We’re all souls drifting
Not knowing what’ll happen next
Whose life can flip upside down
By taking a right turn instead of a left
But not left alone, cause time again has shown
We can connect so long as we’re together
And collectively choose to grow
Finding internal flow
You’ll definitely know
In the realm of self-reflection
Look in the mirror and enjoy the show

FIN — I hope you enjoyed!
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Dreams in the Mirror: Part 9

Cause it all begins
The moment you believe
That growth comes from within
As a result of what’s out
And already existing
Without a how-to guide
There’s no predefined listing
On this crazy roller coaster ride
It’s up to you to make up your own life
But know not alone, you got people by your side

Believe in yourself and follow your dreams
Is more than just words for posters and schemes
It’s the core of this mindset, the one behind the scenes

The line between the world and your dreams
Can be blurrier than it seems
We’ve all been saying this
You just have to believe
That who you see in the mirror
Has already been given the impossible power to breath

Already a super hero
To those within your reach

Including your future self
As he’s not as strong as you think
And still needs an internal crutch to hold on to
For when life throws one too many curveballs
So give him something to read
Someone to believe in

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Dreams in the Mirror: Part 8

I’m here now, call me Mr. President
There’s some things you need to know
As my aim’s to set a precedent
Of a new style of possible mindset
That beyond the pain life can get better yet
Though as fragile as it’ll ever be
Let’s be agile in acting preemptively
Finding value in our hearts
As well as in our trees
It’s never too late to start
I’m here to make you believe
That you can either inspire or you can grieve
About loss not yet incurred
Yet loss guarenteed
Any other outcome is absurd

So now is the time to make your voice heard
No not just yours
But ours
Speaking collectively
That love is what we really need

Love for the world
Love for the self
Love the birds
Love for the rest

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Dreams in the Mirror: Part 7

I am my future self
Back from beyond to nurture my current health
See I got a track record of selfishness
But now you see, I got this wish
To change this world
And I can’t sit idle when there is
So much pain and suffering, how can one bear this

So instead I choose not to act witness
I choose to rise up past my failures
Cause the world itself deserves this
Abundance of people who see all the love
People who dream and can see up above
All this animosity and hatred thats brewing
Such monstrosities, what’s the point in doing
A thing when all around people killing and crying
Left and right
Somehow still sleeping at night
While civilians run in fright
Where has gone the light
Of Humanity
Can it be
That we can’t join in unity
I dare you and I dare me
To find somewhere that we agree

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Dreams in the Mirror: Part 5

So there’s no turning back now
When I got my feet on solid ground
A stable state of mind found
To use love to fuel me forward
And move humanity’s ideals toward
An ever brighter future
Where we can still nurture
Our minds along with the next generation
It’s up to us to inspire the young in this nation

With so much waste and so much marketing
It becomes harder and harder to breathe and to sing
Fast paced lives close but disconnected
Bring a sense of anxiety constantly directed
At what people think they want to see
Let’s drop the bullshit, take a step back from philosophy
And look up at the stars
Shining bright from afar
A mysterious blessing that makes life not seem so hard
These lights seen wherever you are

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Dreams in the Mirror: Part 4

I feel like I have so much to say
Constantly filling page after page
Realize this life is about quality, not just age
Cause everybody’s struggling
We’re all in pain
And I wish to refrain from my self-destructive tendencies
And instead construct a soul that when it sees
Another in need of assistance
I can stand by and aid the resistance
Against falling into depravity
Love draining hatred — it works like a gravity
Pulling us away
By covering this day
With a looming shade of gray
Making us too afraid
To see even our own reflection
Internal conflict restricting external affection
Well FUCK that, this is my message:

This life is an unknown blessing
Given oxygen with an unwritten destiny
And a nearly blank canvas from our families’ genetic history
But in this moment, you are you, and I am me
So let’s dance and let’s sing
Let’s stand up tall and instead of falling
To our darkness, let’s find that bliss
As if life itself is a single kiss to the universe
This is my verse with just a single purpose

To tell my future self that I love him and hope he grows more
That above all his failures he can still rise up off the floor

Next: Part 5 – 8/3/2014

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Dreams in the Mirror: Part 3

See this is the train time rhyme
Taking this subway trip to cloud nine
A passion to find and explore
That life’s not just a grind when you’re looking for more
See what I’m looking for
Is to answer these questions I can’t ignore
No longer concerned about the score
But a focus on the game
Of living life to the fullest
And attempting to live it sane
See what I’m looking for is that frame of mind
That perspective and mentality to let my soul shine
In this universe of people
So that I can find a way to inspire
A motivation to reach higher
Cause we all know life’s on a timer
Counting down from that unknown number
Telling how much time we got till our final slumber
And it fills me with this hunger
This unimaginable desire
To give this life another trial
where giving up is no longer part of my vocabulary
My inner thoughts become a personal form of a sanctuary
So that when the day is done and they put my name in the obituary
This message will live on
That love is all we need

Love for the self
Love for the other
Love for the child
Love for the mother

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