Step Over Discomfort


On the edge of comfort zone’s fringes
No more shows, now challenge binges
Constructing new bridges
Towards next day’s wishes

Slipped up, feelings trippin’
Crashing at ground speed
Light speed
Watch me conquering
New dreams
New breeze
Falling into blooming fields
Flower yields of burnt orange roses
Supposedly the time goes forward
Never back
One step after the next
Until each heartbeat reflects where love meets
At the intersection of time and space
Displacing void with fleeting moments and expressions
Creativity, not failure, just lessons
Compressing millenniums
To a couple flicks of a tongue
In such a simple message

Photographer: Me


That moment when you realize every human being that you pass is also a system comprised of organs comprised of cells comprised of molecules comprised of atoms on a planet zooming around a star that is zooming around a black hole in a galaxy that is one of uncountable galaxies. I’m communicating to you through the ones and zeroes that make up the fabric of modern technology. Transmitting wifi through air to travel incredible distances culminating at your device which translates electricity into pixels that produce this text.

Everything and nothing of existence beautifully intertwined into wondrous polarity of
The in and the out
The big and the small
The self and the other
The atom and the galaxy

A universe aware
A moment to breathe
My verse to share
One for you to read

Image: Luis Argerich – The Orion Nebula

Dreams in the Mirror: Part 6

Look up and you’ll know
We share these stars wherever you go
Galactic processes merging together hydrogen with other elements
In a universe of infinite possibility
On this rock, we are free
But only if we acknowledge this fact
That we are not alone
We don’t fight this struggle as one
But as many
People together betting
On a better day
Thankful for our Sun today
Getting by in our own way

I love this world and I wish to stay
Yet I’m aware and afraid
Of losing my consciousness
After living life with foolishness
How did it all come to this
Looking for love but only finding lonelinesss

But now I see in simpleness
A bliss exists my gaze can miss

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