Overcoming Platitudes


New inspirations cycling demonstrations of growth to reach
Got more to do than blindly preach potential
While still avoiding mental gaps between dreams in mind
And then only letting them breathe mentally
Restricted existence, not living free
Self limitations, persistent hesitations marking happiness a mystery
Continuous missed bliss whilst falling to depravity
Got lost then forgot the gravity of growth
How sometimes the gains come slow
But that never means it’s okay to lose hope

So I transform failure into memories
Constant reminders of what I lost
Of what could be different
The good and bad both fitting scenes
To now distill into self growth schemes
Where success means successive steps
Taking chances just like one takes breaths
Refusing to stay stuck, letting greatness manifest
Making the phrase, “Try your best”, transcend these platitudes
That I used to say and then just forget
So now let my words represent how I’ll choose to act next

Photo by Nick Fisher on Unsplash

Getting Up Again


Sometimes the words read blurry
Flurried out the door, hurried
Searching for opportunity to live and breathe with unity, fluidity
Yet slipped onto divisive trajectories
Repeats of history, despair led by misery
Rejection, love a mystery
Hate brewing down the sea
Tsunami to drown my dreams

It seems to be that the only answer for stormy fates
Is gratitude
No hesitation, just a deep breath



Let go of torn sails, the worn wells
Swells and bellows for the next chance
To play hero, pretend to be more
Anxiety dropped to floor, dancing soar to lore
Tales of legends galore implore you to act
Right now, make this pact:

Now and forever,
I live each moment with all my love stacked

Photographer: SpaceX

Onward to 2015!

What a year it has been!

I’ve grown a lot more comfortable opening up and expressing my thoughts here. Coming to the realization that the words themselves do not matter as much as the emotion or meaning they aim to convey. Much like how a photograph fails to portray the stunning fluidity of a river, each poem is an attempt to take a snapshot of flowing water. Though the words themselves continue to exist, they are evidence of something much more. I could never fully recreate a poem word for word — as that moment has already passed with a new one to replace it.

I’d like to share my most viewed and enjoyed posts from 2014:

These are my stepping stones towards a dream of mine. I would love to somehow end up as a song writer and there’s no better way to start than by pumping out poems.

Once again, thank you for reading, writing, liking, and viewing. Your support is what keeps my blog alive.

Here’s to 2015! Let’s make it a good one!

The 250 Followership Milestone Post

This number is evidence of fighting through laziness.


I started this blog 3 years ago (11/17/2011). Only recently I’ve been able to feel people’s responses to my writing. Until 6 months ago I had 30 followers. Heck, I even had a ZERO-view month once.

Today, we have Two-Hundred and Fifty awesome people who have opted in to join the (no longer) internal conversation of my mind.

To those that have liked posts or commented, I do recognize your profiles. And every time I see one return for the second, third, fourth, or tenth time, I feel this insanely happy feeling.

Like a

WOW, that person cares about what I’m writing 🙂

Linguistical resonation had just taken place
In this moment, this single space
Someone else in the World could trace my trajectory
My mental imagery, trying to view life from a new perspective
Looking through our Universe, searching for directive

To the first 250 and beyond:

Thank you

Thank you for reading
Thank you for writing
Thank you for liking