A Single Breath

Find a mirror, and gaze into your own eyes. Take a deep breath and remember just how insane it is that you exist. That you can read this text made up of pixels presented from an application which uses the internet to transfer its data. That you have this moment to breath, to think and to feel. To love and to suffer. To dream and to create. To me, one of the primary lessons of those I look up to is to strive to find an inner peace through fleeting moments. Our lives are chaos. Constantly torn between past mistakes and future concerns, many of us rarely feel fulfilled and content. But we haven’t lost yet – the game isn’t over. We have this moment. This very second to appreciate and feel gratitude for our lives. Its up to you to decide what to do with this chance. This chance to breath again. We are all very aware that one day, a single breath will be our last, but not one of us can say when that will be. So let us live where each new breath we take gives us the oxygen to do something more. To do something amazing. To fuel an unknown fire deep within. A fire with compassion, and eagerness to live better. I know for a fact there are many souls who feel low on fuel. Who believe they have lost the kindling and spark to ignite their own flame. So let’s fuel our own fires so that our light helps them find it. In this breath, find happiness within your heart so that those close to you can feel it as well.

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