How my Mom’s Quilts made me a better App Developer

On the spectrum of humanity’s capacity for cleanliness, there are times when I can be rather messier than most. However, when I’m working on a project that requires more intensive thought than usual, I gain this odd tendency to clean my room (also my work area) nearly spotless. Declutter the room -> declutter the mind.

Laundry -> Closet (Out of sight, out of mind, right?)

Trash -> IN THE Trash

Desk -> Wiped

The room cleaning finisher, the almighty:

Bed -> Made.

Of course now that a monumental challenging task was completed, it was time to relax for a moment. So with my arms spread airplane style, I lunge face first onto my newly made bed. I decided to have a look around. And thats when I saw the seams.

From the perspective of being directly on the quilt, the stitches that bind it together seem to be infinite in expansion. Flowing in and out with a fine level of intricacy and purpose. Every stitch was there for a reason and no stitch stood alone. At this moment, I began to realize something so very, very simple.

My mother’s quilts are my apps. My apps are my friend’s animations. Her animations, someone else’s music. The common denominator is simple. Love. The seams that hold my Mom’s quilts together is evidence of the time taken to ensure the quality of a personal creation. She had a desire to create a quilt for her son and refused to cut corners on the details. The stitches had purpose far beyond simply keeping the quilt in one piece. They tell her story. Her passion for bringing something new into the world meant for someone else.

Isn’t that what we are all striving to do? To find a meaningful career and life path that allow us to tangibly better the lives of ourselves and those around us whether through art, technology, food, friendship, etc. But a las, that is a tangent from where I want this to go.

It was at this moment that I realized that the stitches that make up the binding of a quilt are no different than the lines of code that make up an application. No different than each individual frame that make up an animation. No different than each bar that make up a song. A master of their trade creates these with purpose and intent. But most importantly, with love and a strong desire to simply make something cool.

Because this is what its all about. Finding a cool talent and bringing your own art to the table. Bringing your own take on life into reality.

I know I don’t say this as much as I should, so I’ll write it again here:

Thanks Mom!

Your quilts have inspired me to put greater effort in the code I write. Every line has a purpose. When I feel that something’s not right, I understand it means that I MUST make a change. If I don’t know what that is, then I have the capacity to research and learn more. To understand more about what I’m making so that I can make it even better. So that when I release my apps on the app store, people can feel the effort I put into creating them.

And the beautiful part about it all is that this has absolutely nothing to do with striving for perfection. When you work with a sense of love in your heart, the end result will always be something worth sharing.

23 thoughts on “How my Mom’s Quilts made me a better App Developer

  1. Hi, came here through christian mihai reblog n just want u to know that your observation is beautiful. I love the last bit: about working love in your heart. I think that is a big differentiator. Thank you!

    • I know right! I think it has to do with the fact that it just clears out distractions. “those dishes are kind of smelly” or “Ugh this trash just piled up”. But with a clean environment, these kind of thoughts disappear.

    • I’ve spent so much time procrastinating work but finally seeing the value in it, I’m happy to have realized sooner than later. Work is the time in between “ahah” moments and having reality reflect your thoughts.

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