Boarding Pass

On a plane ride
going sky high,
traveling to Chicago
joined by others
with the power to fly
Through time and space
struggles with rhymes
embracing my issues
while I choose to turn
internal conflict
into public news,
Sharing how I make it through
when moments seem unbearable
I wonder how to care any more,
Wondering what the boarding pass
to life would be
when time’s often spent
instead of seeing
this life as a journey
every breath of oxygen
finding infinite peace
between the bars
of songs praised for
emotionally following along,
as if my words
have already been said
understood and turned into music
before this moments laid to rest,
Lest we forget
every soul we haven’t met,
To know living life to the fullest
is not only the ultimate bet,
but the boarding pass
to gain a past
we’d never wish to regret.

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