Gambler’s Manifesto


Land’s End, San Francisco

Go play with the ups and downs, ride the waves of happy frowns
Writ to memory these lessons bound together in a set of truths, a set of rules
To spend your risk, you must not refuse embracing a gambler’s mindset the right way
Mathematically, not just easily swayed to empower emotion recklessly

Rule number one:
Expect to lose, then play to win
No outcome is guaranteed, so make sure you can weather
Whether destiny turns out for worse or for better
Never letting one bet err the long term
Yet still giving it your all, with no time churned on half worn dreams
Think it through, investing energy in all your scenes

Rule number two:
The result never fully defines you for you are so much more than where you placed your bets
What matters most is how you act next
So don’t let it consume you, your life is more complex than these series of bets
You must never forget the bigger picture, this particular happenstance

Rule number three:
Know you can stop at any time
At the drop of a line, no reason nor rhyme
No need for excuses, there’s nothing to find
It’s okay to let go and pivot towards peace of mind
You see it’s not healthy to let luck dictate moodswings
Even whilst earning potential winnings
Learning how to cope and handle the up and up is just as important as growing in the downswings

In summary:
Moderation, consideration, all these actions demonstrated
Is the too long, didn’t read of this self declaration
Defining some rules for this gambling phase’s duration

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