Art is the Answer

There exist questions which drive us all. Questions that fuel our actions and our decisions each and every day. Questions whose answers fundamentally change how we both view ourselves as individuals and as a piece of an overly complex system. The answers we hold in our hearts to these questions define how we choose to spend our lives. They define how we affect the world we are a part of. They define who we are. And often the most painful times in our lives are when these questions feel the most impossible to answer.

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A New Coin

I’ve heard and often thought that happiness and sadness are both two sides of a single coin. One only exists because of the other. The drop of a coin has the power to sway emotions and fool logic. At times in our lives, elements of luck and chance have a louder presence in our minds than our souls and our hearts. Heads or tails — win or lose. Happiness or Sadness.

But this is only one mindset.

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We are the World

I feel as if I can never comprehend the power of the mind. The difference between feeling lost in despair vs overwhelmed in impossible courage is but a slight difference in the state of your mind. I wish I knew how to control it. To let go of that which brings me down and focus on what it means to pave my own path. We have this one chance to do something amazing. We wait for the courage to move, but its already there in our souls. The magic surrounds us. All we have to do is keep learning, exploring and growing. Let us discover our passions – those things that truly excite us. Let us discover who we are and what we can do. To my friends, we are a new generation. We are designers, developers, politicians, and teachers. We are the new world. So lets not give up trying to make it better.

A Single Breath

Find a mirror, and gaze into your own eyes. Take a deep breath and remember just how insane it is that you exist. That you can read this text made up of pixels presented from an application which uses the internet to transfer its data. That you have this moment to breath, to think and to feel. To love and to suffer. To dream and to create. To me, one of the primary lessons of those I look up to is to strive to find an inner peace through fleeting moments. Our lives are chaos. Constantly torn between past mistakes and future concerns, many of us rarely feel fulfilled and content. But we haven’t lost yet – the game isn’t over. We have this moment. This very second to appreciate and feel gratitude for our lives. Its up to you to decide what to do with this chance. This chance to breath again. We are all very aware that one day, a single breath will be our last, but not one of us can say when that will be. So let us live where each new breath we take gives us the oxygen to do something more. To do something amazing. To fuel an unknown fire deep within. A fire with compassion, and eagerness to live better. I know for a fact there are many souls who feel low on fuel. Who believe they have lost the kindling and spark to ignite their own flame. So let’s fuel our own fires so that our light helps them find it. In this breath, find happiness within your heart so that those close to you can feel it as well.

How my Mom’s Quilts made me a better App Developer

On the spectrum of humanity’s capacity for cleanliness, there are times when I can be rather messier than most. However, when I’m working on a project that requires more intensive thought than usual, I gain this odd tendency to clean my room (also my work area) nearly spotless. Declutter the room -> declutter the mind.

Laundry -> Closet (Out of sight, out of mind, right?)

Trash -> IN THE Trash

Desk -> Wiped

The room cleaning finisher, the almighty:

Bed -> Made.

Of course now that a monumental challenging task was completed, it was time to relax for a moment. So with my arms spread airplane style, I lunge face first onto my newly made bed. I decided to have a look around. And thats when I saw the seams.

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Back (Again)

I will give this another attempt. I don’t really know how, but I will find a way to make blogging a part of my routine.


I have to get a bit more work done before I can justify taking the time to do an extended writing. New content is coming. 🙂

Saturday Morning Thoughts

Gratitude and wonder have the power to overcome the sadness in our hearts. In the battlefield of personal struggles, these are the tools by which to get through shitty days. I’ve come to find that in my pursuit to enjoy more from my life, I find it extraordinarily effective to remember to focus on minimizing sadness in addition to maximizing joy. These tools are what help me do just that.
It’s a balance of these two mindsets that have begun to help me the most. What does it mean to minimize sadness? Well, people say that time will heal all wounds, but they don’t say how long. That’s for you to decide. The trick is figuring out how to get back on your feet quicker than last time. I’ve gone through many “health” crazes during my days. And even if I’ve gone to the gym 5 times a week for 2 consecutive months, If I miss a day, I could miss a week. Then a month. Then I’m 40 pounds bigger and feel like a king elephant. And that is just in the realm of physical health.
The same can take place for our mental and emotional health. Maintaining a level of joy for life is a constant effort. I believe that happiness is a muscle, not a reward. It’s not something you win or earn externally. It’s something within you that you must choose to grow and strengthen. The goals you set for yourself and an everlasting appreciation for the life you have. And when those shitty days come — the ones where you skip the gym and the ones where you eat enough for a family of 7 three nights in a row, the key is to not let that become the new normal. To not forget the good and think of only the bad.
Because you are ever only in this moment. And even though the distractions are around us, and even though there are so many things on our minds, at some point I truly believe we all know what we want out of ourselves. We just have a hard time believing its possible.
Whether its 3 months, or 3 weeks, or 3 days, it’s never too late to get back on your feet. And as for me, I’m probably more of a prince elephant now ;). So figure out what drives you and brings you passion and follow that path.
Got a project you wanted to work on? Start it up!
Been a while since you went to the gym? Go for a run!