So make the most of it
Dont fall and quit
On your heart
The moment it tears apart
Loss is coming and it’s going to pack a punch
Death is around the corner, this isn’t just a hunch
Wake up – Now is the time to wake up!
Emotions are coming and you need to be strong
Enough to embrace them
Enough to move on
But never forgetting
That the dead live on
So long as you remember
To continue their song

Cause in life we are a combination of these two things
A self that experiences and a self that thinks
We are the sum of our total experiences
With a capacity of our human awareness
When the time comes when we pass this
The only loss is the continuous additiveness
To our own take on lifes experiences

Storing shared moments
Of a fleeting bliss
Sprinkled with bits of painfulness
Yet look at all the togetherness
Envision the people that led to this
See this world as a communal wish
To grasp this ideal of happiness
From them a lesson not to miss
That in the end,
Gratitude is the answer to anguish

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