The Best Way to Act

Enter the park
And feel the
breathing of trees
As if nature
has a heart
Beating and free
This is what I feel
when breeze is revealed
Time slows down
I can see what is real
and of that which repeats
In the past, present, and future
An inner Gratitude happily weeps

Jubilant dogs and families
Passed by runners
And bicycling partners 
Enjoying an ever fleeting summer
All moving past
baseball game
in its last inning
Of the same game
But different players
How is life not a game
When it can be split into frames
Of win and of loss
With rules just so carefully
Placed out of our grasp
Thrown on an initial path
With too little time to do all the math
To look up and see
we’re all just people
Clueless on the same track
Often too scared to share the fact
that we don’t really know
the best way to act.

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