Dreams in the Mirror: Part 2

Take this inner conflict
See it as a sign that you shouldn’t miss
For in life there is only time with emptiness
It’s in your hands now to create this bliss
Your soul is frustrated
To grow, it cries out

Finite creatures living in an infinite world
Contingent possibilities make knowing the future absurd
But we can make our choices today
We can be the hands that mold this clay
This malleable sense of personal identity
Discover the truth in what it means to be free
Embrace the peak of humanity’s decree
To let me be me
Become the person that I want to be

I’m not where I am by working alone
Only with the help of the other has my life flown
In the direction that I want it to
Look in the mirror and choose you
This is your cue
To break through your inner feud
Using your pain as your strongest fuel
To propel you forward
Even when you’re not sure
That you can face your inner monster
Cause if you sit and let it stir
It’ll grow faster and faster
And the second you slip up
Mistakes resurface into personal disaster

Yet the struggle is shared more than you know
In everybody’s hearts exist the capacity to grow
But pain becomes the norm and then becomes dulled
Before you know it your dreams are in the past
And you’ve grown too old
So NOW is the time to live and be bold
Become the fire that pushes back the cold

Next: Part 3 – 7/30/2014


Dreams in the Mirror is a 10 part series. It began as a short bit I wrote while venting about self-directed frustrations. During my recent Spring semester, I had gotten lazy with my studies and personal projects. Feeling extremely dissatisfied, I processed my feelings through writing what is now Part 1. Several months later, after the semester had ended, I now find myself commuting to my dream job. During my work-bound train-rides I have downtime to think and to write. I came across Part 1 and began writing responses. The subsequent 9 parts are all focused on answering the frustrations of my past and building hope for the future. This piece has been fundamental in my recent mindset toward life and I’m very happy that I have the ability to share it with the world.

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