Amidst Thinnest Air

Stop and think
The quest for truth is not worth your youth
There is no shop
No magical mystic’s booth
To tell you that one plus two is three, definitively
These are cognitive patterns
One in which we all agree

A chair is a chair
Merely a symbol that connects a sound with what’s there
In a mind reconstructing imagery out of thinnest air
We find a misery deep in despair
When we try to link the sound of happiness
With meaning that’s shared
Facing a disconnect
Between our dreams and where
We are currently
Finding it hard to believe
That love has not been lost
That our soul can be freed

But now stop, you see
For you’ve just condemned yourself preemptively
So I ask you not to worry about finding the truth
For in life there won’t be a simple solution
Instead, a complex polarity brought into fusion
Perplexed momentarily in constant confusion
Let go of full understanding, the darkest illusion
Point your sails forward, and keep on moving
For though the truth will never be known
The quest to reach it can be quite amusing

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