My Most Important Question

In my last post, Art is the Answer, I promised to answer these questions:

  • Why do I exist?
  • Who am I?
  • What should I do?

Though these are important questions and ones that I would LOVE to know, they weren’t the most pressing thing on my mind. They failed to truly make me get worked up over. Easily silenced by a shrug of the shoulder. But there was one question I couldn’t give up on:

  • Why should I care?

This question struck me the most. I was in a state of simply not caring. I stopped caring about personal growth. I frequently chose leisure in place of working on my iOS projects or doing more writing. Consuming content even past the point of mentally painful boredom. And It felt awful. It felt as if an internal force was trying to claw its way through years of learned apathy. As if somebody was saying “Hey, are you just gonna do this forever?”. At that point, I couldn’t just play another game or watch another show.

I had to find my reason to care.

Upon reviewing my initial reasons, I quickly realized they were all external. All the reasons I had relating to why I should care about life were other people’s answers. Answers found in religions, philosophies, entertainment, or anywhere. Though they painted beautiful pictures of the world, every notion was missing something. Nothing truly resonated with me in a way that allows me to answer the question up above wholeheartedly. They were all plagiarized from someone else’s perspective on understanding the world. At this point, I realized:

In order to have an answer, I needed to craft one in my own words.

The posts to follow will be an exploration of my imagination’s ability to manifest a new philosophy. A philosophy which enables me to embrace living life to the fullest. One that lays the foundation of a positive mindset which harnesses personal growth as fuel. A perspective that highly values shared experiences and relationships with others. A perspective that gives me peace in a world that at some point fails to make any sense.

I set out to build my reasons for loving life.

Stay tuned for A New Philosophy.  🙂

Side note: This new philosophy itself was my original blog post idea. The previous post, Art is the Answer, happened when the introduction paragraph turned into its own post. A similar event happened here. These two posts now act as the preface to A New Philosophy.


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