Signal Fire

How do we break these chains of violence
And silence humanity’s bloodthirsty quest
To silence against those with a different opinion
Voicing their thoughts just cause they believe them
Once you blur the lines of race and religion
You see how we always share the same seasons
You realize on the inside that we’re all human

But it’s not that easy because it’s nearly impossible for us to collectively agree
And no one person knows what’s best for all society
Minorities and majorities
Make it hard to piece together
The best way to make it better

Either way the story goes
It doesn’t have to end in woes

I don’t know what the world really needs
But that doesn’t mean I cant plant these seeds
Of these newly old forms of philosophies
Founded in love, with a hope to increase
The optimistic exploration
Of next year’s generation
Cause it really doesn’t need an explanation

That we’re all sharing the same light
The one that burns internally bright
The kind that grants haven in the darkest of nights
Look at this rhyme as signal fire
Though the energy is within
The smoke keeps on climbing higher
Enough for you to have to look up
And see into the distance
That you’re not the only one
With broken dreams and lost wishes
Cause we’re all looking at similar pieces
Of a preexistent puzzle
Lacking a cover on the box
We can use our minds and our muscles
To uncover meaning together
And see which truths we unlock

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