Cross the Line


Where is the line
between dreams and free will?
At what point
is a mountain just a big hill?
Just a fountain filled
with obstacles to be dealt with
One at a time
absence of stress
with an ever-present mind
Not afraid to fall behind
so long as the direction is still forward
There are no misconceptions when you’re always moving toward
A brighter future
A better day
Pushing the boundaries
To wherever that line lay
If it may move out of your way
It becomes clear as day
That line rests
wherever you say
Yet still constrained
By the reality of life’s pains
Lost and broken
Only left with the remains
Of shattered hopes and withered dreams
It still seems absurd to try and believe
That walls can be conquered, goals can be achieved
Yet despite all the suffering, there are those still in need
Of a hero unwilling to give up
With few words but still saying so much
Always inspiring while maintaining trust
A catalyst that shakes off the rust
Of long forgotten hearts
stranded in the dust

Image Attribution (Creative Commons): Lines – Georgie Pauwels

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