Fractions of an Instant

Walking to the park
As if it’s a part of me
A living thing
A thing I need
Like a breath of oxygen
Just here for this moment
But once more gone again
A silence eager for action when
Life and death are included in the fractions
Of every passing moment
A series of choices make up how we spend it
And we can waste it
Letting hearts grow cold
Night after night
Regretting growing old
With nothing to show
For time given
Yet only thrown
Into mindless distractions
Choosing avoidance
Through ignoring personal dissatisfactions
Unaware that life is just one internal conversation
Between the future past and present
All represent the current equation
Of a mindset in this moment
Temporarily existant
Embracing the truth
That everything only lasts for an instant

Note: As of 7/24/2014, I will be posting every other day at 8:00 AM EST. Stay tuned 🙂

Image Attribution (Creative Commons): Waiting time – Philip Edmondson

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