Dreams in the Mirror: Part 4

I feel like I have so much to say
Constantly filling page after page
Realize this life is about quality, not just age
Cause everybody’s struggling
We’re all in pain
And I wish to refrain from my self-destructive tendencies
And instead construct a soul that when it sees
Another in need of assistance
I can stand by and aid the resistance
Against falling into depravity
Love draining hatred — it works like a gravity
Pulling us away
By covering this day
With a looming shade of gray
Making us too afraid
To see even our own reflection
Internal conflict restricting external affection
Well FUCK that, this is my message:

This life is an unknown blessing
Given oxygen with an unwritten destiny
And a nearly blank canvas from our families’ genetic history
But in this moment, you are you, and I am me
So let’s dance and let’s sing
Let’s stand up tall and instead of falling
To our darkness, let’s find that bliss
As if life itself is a single kiss to the universe
This is my verse with just a single purpose

To tell my future self that I love him and hope he grows more
That above all his failures he can still rise up off the floor

Next: Part 5 – 8/3/2014

Dreams in the Mirror is a 10 part series. It began as a short bit I wrote while venting about self-directed frustrations. During my recent Spring semester, I had gotten lazy with my studies and personal projects. Feeling extremely dissatisfied, I processed my feelings through writing what is now Part 1. Several months later, after the semester had ended, I now find myself commuting to my dream job. During my work-bound train-rides I have downtime to think and to write. I came across Part 1 and began writing responses. The subsequent 9 parts are all focused on answering the frustrations of my past and building hope for the future. This piece has been fundamental in my recent mindset toward life and I’m very happy that I have the ability to share it with the world.

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