Recovery Road

Ooo this breeze. The kind you can hear
As it zooms past both your ears
Steering you clear
From insincere
Feelings on life
The weight becomes possible to bear
When seeing you’re not the only one there
This distance between us
Could be miles or the width of a hair
All that matters
Is how much we’ve prepared
To be confident
With collective encouragement
To put our hearts on our sleeves
So we can start again
Seeing every breath as a new turn up at bat
Combining hope for the future with lessons from the past
In an infinite inning
Where the end of every moment
Is the start of a beginning
A silence worth singing for
A page worth writing more
Helping spread the message for all those with hearts torn
That you too can be reborn
So hold on to all the love you got left
And be prepared for a journey to recover all the rest


Image Attribution (CC) : Chris Zielecki –  uphill


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