Sidelines of War

Innocent civilians don’t deserve rubble
They deserve jobs and parks
Enjoyed without the trouble
Of separating one body from another
And wonder
When the pain will slumber
Man made storms creating hunger
Only concerned with ever sundering
A potentially connected humanity
Instead creating a world in which death is all we see
How do we break free?
Watching war from the sidelines
Firing of distant guns just sound like passing headlines

More news just paralyzes
A mind that refuses to realize that
Through the bias and through the lies
There exists a part of humanity that I despise

Finding no way to reconcile
Today replaced with old denial
That we can’t just love and live a while
Hate and fear create thoughts like bile

So let’s be the generation that can rise above
For if no one is left to teach the world
How will it ever learn the power of love?

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