Aflame now
Time to inspire
The inner fire
No longer afraid of giving up
The shows can wait
Put the games on pause
The dreams are here and will move on
I refuse to stop and drop
This chance to prove my ability
Improve reality
I wish to see
To speak of a prophecy
Turn it into history
These actions aren’t a mystery
Just tools to me
Absent of misery
With my hands working along with me
A mind and heart as one
Working together
A universe before me
Lay unseen opportunity
Now’s the time to grasp it
We’re all headed for the same casket
Death around the corner
There’s no way to mask it
Released from doubt
It’s time to look past it
Cause I’m not alone
Friends by my side
And a team in tow
Until I die
I choose to grow

Image Attribution (CC): Alesa Dam – Candle Light

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