And So I Write

One step at a time
Pen in hand
Using paper as an extension of mind
Working through a tension to find
The balance between
Uncontrolled thought
The source of creativity
And the sense of distraught
Aware of Earth’s calamities
Genocide of humanities
Dangers running rampantly
That we can’t handle if we disagree

A heart desensitized from frantically
Following headlines religiously
From famine and disease
To consistent atrocities
We’re far from a stability
Cause when you look at history
Its stained with blood and misery
Seems like such a mystery
How any progress has been made
In the face of such disdain
For human life, both day and night
A thirst for power fuels the urge to fight

While I sit here hopelessly
Facing the fact that now I’m aware
And feeling pretty jaded
With an underlying hatred
And an ever present sense of dread
That soon enough I’ll end up dead
Wonder what’s the point of pressing
This pen to paper
And then I remember
I’m not alone
There’s still parts of humanity
That, Oh! have ever flown
A brightness shown
Through blackest night
That our hearts can grow
Art’s worth the fight
A responsibility shared
To spread the light
And for these reasons I find the might
To think it through with the urge to write

22 thoughts on “And So I Write

    • Thank you! And yeah, I really felt the need to just vent. The news is just so captivatingly terrible these days. And funny you say that — the poems started as raps. But I started writing so many I didn’t have time to record and produce them so instead, for now I’ve opted to share them as poems.

  1. Many lines I like in there and yes, losing yourself in a creative state is absolute bliss. A quote I once knew goes, ‘nothing is as painful as the chaos that seeps into an unfocussed mind’ I heartily believe that.

    • Ooo, nice quote and that’s quite accurate. I’m on an internship now and even though I love what I’m doing there are times when I feel that 2:30 PM work-day drag. But when I just lose my mind in my work, the time just melts away. It’s fascinated me that ultimate enjoyment comes with the dissipation of sense of self and time. But rather, just an idea and a reality to play with.

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