Seriously, Wake Up

Like a mind cut off from its senses
Horror after horror leave my heart defenseless
Wondering when’s this
Bullshit going to end
One environment we can’t mend
So long as selfish desires
Trump the need to lend a hand
To prevent self-caused fires

Humanity can still be something to admire
So long as we inspire
The world to open its eyes
Climate change is real
Its time to see through the lies
Recognize it’s more than just you
But all the lives to follow
Who deserve a world, not just a hollow
Shell of what could have been
Hell becomes reality
When there’s no more air for breathing in
Now’s the time to take it in
Hopefully we all can come and bring
Something positive to the table
Work together, make it stable
This is life, not a fable

Our actions always have a cost
Whose price has been paid by the Nature we have lost

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