You don’t have to be
Anything at all
No, you don’t need to be defined
By linguistically painted walls
Of adjectives
And sentences
That start with: “Oh yeah, That he is!”
No you don’t have to be anything at all

Wise and bright like a shining light
Are fancy ways to bring delight
To egos all around the world tonight

But the time and space that’s in between
The words that you so truly mean
Could never paint the picture
Of the ever finished idea of me


Unlike the majority of my poems, this one originated vocally rather than mentally. The house was empty so I started singing out loud. Eventually, something rhymed enough that I sat down to work on it. I find it crazy how easily time just evaporates when my mind is in the middle of constructing these rhymes. The last 40 minutes of writing this out felt like mere seconds.


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