Uneasy Pause

“We are paused by the train’s dispatcher”
Stuck in traffic and just want to move faster
Keep up the pace
In the race we call life
Uneasiness takes over in the calmness of the night
Who’s right?
When so many people are coming up with answers
Conflicting ideologies just there to raise and stir
Anger and mistrust among like-bodied people
Still parts of the world where voicing thoughts remain illegal
Masses ruled by the regal
Say of few
Those at the top creating all the rules
With nothing to lose but billion dollar pools
Who view others as inhuman
Like a separate class of mules
Disregarding love and failing to resume it
Guilt-free use of slaves for monetary consuming
Danger looming
At the edifice of time
Angers fueling
Like a mine
Waiting for the trigger
Of a footstep, misstep
A moment to release death
When progress was so real now it feels deflected
Is it too late, or can we redirect it?
Has the ship to a better world sailed off into the distance?
Perhaps from a linear frame of mind
We might have just missed it

I wrote this during my morning commute into work. As you may have guessed, the train was stopped and the line that those in NYC have heard many a time became the start of today’s new rhyme.

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