You, too, grew!

As the seasons pass
Like they did ages ago
Are we closer now
To identifying a soul?

As a Human race
Are we more lost
Or in control?

As we can see the roles we have to play
Look in the mirror to see the hands that shape this day

Bring your work to life
Regardless the truth
I feel this is right
Using emotions and lyrical obsessions
To set life into motion, on this spherical setting
Aware of my limited blessing
Working against time to spread this message:
Life can hurt if you let it
But it’s absurd to live with your head in the dirt

It’s easier to feel as if life is against you
That no matter your actions
You only add more fuel
To the fires that threaten your deepest desires
Stress after stress only work like multipliers
Compounding pain into something more than just deal with
Change mandatory when a mindset’s stuck reeling
And at this very moment, being weaker looks appealing

But stop, breathe
Start to believe
That you already made the choice
To grow and achieve

This moment has renewed
You are more than just you
Believe that this is true
That like plants out in the sun,
You, too, grew!

So stop, breathe
Start to believe
That you already made the choice
To grow and achieve

Though time will move forward
Regardless your choice
Know that I look forward to your work
So that together, we’ll rejoice!

Eva the Weaver – Better late than never


2 thoughts on “You, too, grew!

    • The pleasure of writing this is only matched by the pleasure of response’s like this. Thanks for the continued support and comments.

      And yeah, it just kind of hit me while at the park. Just like the trees, we are living as well. We are much more than static entities when every moment offers an opportunity of growth. That’s the exciting part.


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