Remember Our Dreams

Frustrated by mistakes gaining momentum
Feeling bent on
Self destruction
As if I could blow up at any moment
Was so close, but now I’ve thrown it
Blown it
Straight into the wind again
Intentionally just hindering
Capacity to grow, ya know
Recreating my old foes

Now I’m battling woes with prose
Cause I still recognize
An absorbed mind is the ultimate prize
Absent of worry
No concept of time
When lost in the entanglement
Of transforming emotions into rhymes

Remembering this breeze with gratitude persistent
Remember this moment, like the last, here for this instant
Be calm now, internal pain will pass
Remember your wishes
The ones from the beginning
The dream to keep on singing
Keep on living
Despite the desire to throw it all away
Let’s fight together
To make some positive change

Moyan Brenn – Dreaming

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