The ability to inspire is much more than saying and writing motivating and uplifting thoughts. An ability to inspire requires the capability to affect the environment of those in your presence.

This text is much like a blip on your radar. Here for this moment, capturing your attention. Soon gone, unless you’ve chosen to keep it in your memory.

Inspiration is the by-product of leading a motivating life. Make no mistake that motivation alone can not be created merely for motivation’s sake. It comes as the consequence of a pursuit in something. A dream or a wish accompanied by the strength and support to bring it to life. To create in the midst of silence.

This writing is a blip.

Something so short and barely graspable, but still a blip.

In these seconds that you spend reading and listening to these dreams of mine, I’m ever so slightly affecting your environment.

If your stream of thought is like a train, let this be the message to derail it and lay a new set of tracks.

Let these words become part of the later version of you who remembers this.


Riccardo Cuppini – Submarine


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