Watering my E-Tree with Feelings of Gratitude

This blog is now alive.

I know it now because I have a new feeling. It’s powerful — almost to the point of overwhelming. When I find myself reading through my poems, I can feel the love. Each new piece delivers a fragment of it. A single moment devoted to making sense out of chaos. A fleeting thought now given the highest priority in the world.

With the ultimate goal to be worthy of sharing
Exposing my heart to still feel the world caring
Inspires me to continue through times overbearing

See? This is how it happens. I’ll be writing one thought

And it will turn into a rhyme
Not intentionally
But just on time
As if my inner mind
Broke free
Just to find
A pen to write with
A canvas to fill
A desire to figure out
The meaning of free will

Similar to how plants require sunlight and water, this blog needs sustenance too. Each new post is like a rainfall. Your warm reactions are the accompanying sunshine. Both working together to make up the very fabric and life of my blog, or as I like to call it, my E-Tree.

As I post new content, you become aware that my E-Tree has not died. When you warmly respond to my work, I become aware that my E-Tree is appreciated. With these words, I ping the universe, and with your response, the universe pings back.

I am so grateful.

Don’t bother asking questions
About cups half empty or ones half full
Mine’s overflowing with a moment never dull
Feel the music flowing throughout my soul
Guiding me towards love along with the pursuit to grow
Aware of this blessing to just enjoy the show
Now that I understand and have come to know
That it won’t last forever
Wherever you go
It’s ok to stop for breath, you’re free to take it slow
When facing your own death, you either sit still or you grow
And I write these words so that you can feel it too
That through the chaos you too can be renewed
Misery overwhelming has now been subdued
By gratitude of plenty, appreciating the blues
No longer feeling that there’s nothing left to lose
A moment of love and hate, with an extra one to choose

Thank you for your sunlight. Without it, this blog — our E-Tree — could not exist as it does right now.


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