Synchronous Emotions

You’re not expected to do this alone
Pushing back against the darkness all on your own
Coldness surrounding, finding it difficult to be bold
Difficult to hold onto calm states of mind
Resisting the urge to let life leave you behind
Struggling to surface above rough waters too high

Though the journey is greater than the destination
It doesn’t make the pain any less frustrating
For as much as I want to move forward
I desire to fall back
Self-damaging choices bringing my ideals under attack
As if I wasn’t grateful for all that I have
I still can’t help but feel crushingly sad

That’s when I remember
This pain was never meant to be borne as one
Together we empower each other
Just like the warming from our Sun
With the responsibility to be open and honest
As we progress through our darkness
With various moments of fleeting bliss
A chance to show this truthfulness
That Love is the ultimate light to our wishes
The guide to our visions
And in working together
We lessen our fissions

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