Perspective Flow

Still painting these stories of illusion
as if life had the option of choosing left from right
dark from light
as if it wasn’t too late to feel change
to feel sane
in days oh so strained
how much time spent complaining that it wasn’t meant to be
cursing the idea of destiny, letting the rest of me
die so slowly

Suicide’s a funny thing when you do it in hiding
not all at once, but over multiple timings
how many lies were told in the hastening of my death
a death guaranteed
one that needs no help

When did it become so easy to give up
to say I’m done and that none of this matters
making all the wrong choices while continually creating regrets
impulsive moments I’d rather forget, but no, not yet!
my heart still beats deep in my chest
lest I beget the failure I so deeply fret

Instead let me fall into fear to put my anxieties to rest
with hesitations no longer on my breath
once afraid of change, swimming in a world of unknown depth
now without much different, just a divergent step

Photographer: Alex Wigan


Next chapter
life’s moving faster
my mind still trying to keep up with all this change
oh how I wish for it all to stay the same
but oh, that’s just a fool’s game
thinking I can simply maintain sanity
with the same frame on repeat
no growth ’till I’m six feet deep


For in this moment, I am alive
oh, so alive
at one point defeated, but now ready to rise
eyes sky-bound
no limit’s too high now
ready to fly now
been on this runway for so long
it’s time to take off
time to grow and see what I got
so let me know that I never forgot
all that led to this
this momentary loving bliss