Learning to Love Amid Modernity

What does humanity mean in the modern age?

Is it Facebook likes
Twitter follows

Replies and hollow
Messages of affection
A reflection of pain
Masked in updates
Always able to talk
To new and old friends
But not in person
Separated by screens
Of pixellated writing
Status updates
Often just hiding
The frustration of it all
Building underneath
We’ve built all these walls
Behind the premise of being free
Free to express
Individualistic ideas
To post whatever we wish
From our hopes to our fears
But really we just try to impress our peers
By putting a filter over our heart
To say what we think they’d like to hear

Lets change it
Make it more sincere
Right from the heart
Straight to your ear
We have the power of connection
Whether far or near
Let’s spread the human affection
Compassion meant to share
More than just a link
Or a post to like
Its time to spread the message
That this is life

That as the days and nights roll on by
We can be more than just zombies
Refreshing ad-polluted news feeds
Clickhole sites and lists of pointless things
Let’s not be distracted by a society that thrives on our attention
But rather, lets grow strong
By sharing our affection
Deciding a direction
Finding skills and talents
To form our own expression
Life is the teacher
And class is in session
Until the moment you die
There will be another lesson