A Shooting Star

Love is the answer
Yet fear is a cancer
That takes over all it holds
Growing deeper into different modes
Believe through it.
See the love for how you use it
All it takes is the choice
To stand up and move, you got a voice
Cause this world is affected by you
In the smallest but biggest way
You are here, you breathe this day
So mold your being, time is your clay
How will you shape it?
What will you say?
When its your turn to talk
Does it matter if others just baulk?

Be strong and confident in who you are
Knowing that you are unique, a single human star
Shooting off into the unknown
A universe outside, just waiting to be known
A beautiful world where you don’t exist alone
Cause its a shared reality of constant improbability
With growing ambiguity to all of life’s continuity
But I can think of you and me
This rhyme we’re sharing, you can see
These things I dream, these things I feel
Right here, right now, is more than real

Yet these words will soon find their end
No longer can I just play pretend
And tell the world
I’m fine here; my view on life is crystal clear
Cause when everybody’s end is near
I lose myself inside my fear
All meaning seems to disappear
A rational foundation missing here.

Cause In absence, only silence,
Find myself asking why this?

What is this

Thing called life, that exists
Riddled with all these exits
Reasons to call it quits
I’ve had enough of this
Falling into painfulness

Where my mind can only criticize
Its too afraid to doubt the lies
While trying to always idolize
The brightest thing inside my eyes
and thinking i can live it wise
Just sit around, philosophize
But then I find to my surprise
That consequences come to life
Inaction still can compromise
The life I’m building otherwise
I let time slip, paralyzed.

It is for you that I write this message
Theres no doubt in my mind, that you’ll also get this.
Yet the problem always starts the moment you forget this:
Act with love in your heart to make the most of this existence

A world exists beyond your mind
One to explore, with magic to find
Where every action you take has a cost
A finite amount of your all of your time

This is the mindset for you to remember
That even the darkest of days can still yet get better,
Those who die still exist, so long as you remember,
For in the end the universe is always indifferent
And theres no single formula for all of life’s fulfillment

You’ve been given an impossible freedom
To bring to life  whatever you dream of
To share your experience
While you become who you are
A light onto this world, a living human star

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