Cry out for Optimism

At times when I feel emotionally caught up, my mind starts thinking in rhymes. A good friend recently advised doing this kind of writing again to help me out. By the time I finished working on it, I had already felt a lot better :).

Find the lyrics below

Cry out for Optimism

I’m writing this rap to explore my pain
one that’s not physical, but one of the brain
see I have this feeling of UGH
the kinda feeling when boredom mixes with regret
where all my failures of the past are impossible to forget

the times I’ve broken down just seem to add up
and no matter how hard I try, I just can’t catch up
It’s as if there’s a weight that’s bringing me down
nothing can fight it, the only option is to drown
a darkness who grows so strong
always playing that mellow song
urging me to sing along
and be ok with being alone
accepting this sadness as one of my own
content to let the days fade
not concerned ’bout getting laid
afraid of light, afraid of change
and in my night, find a chance
for some sweet relief from this made up grief

but this is just one mindset
I haven’t broken out of yet
my perspective seems to be off
focused on the painful part
so somethings gotta change
cause I want them better days
I gotta make a new theory
one that can convince me
to end this hypocrisy
of motivational apathy
and to attempt to inspire
from the mouth of a liar
is the paradox I face
and one I must embrace
I choose to own it
while even now not knowing
where I’m going
the thing in life that’s most absurd
is to live it through, but never learn
cause this is my cry out for optimism
escaping from the pessimism
negativitys a prison
just assumptions of whats to come
and no one knows, we’re sucking our thumbs
yea we’ve got charts and predictable sciences
but nothing can predict your heart’s alliances
for its always gonna be growing
from time and time and what you be knowing
so this is not a static moment
take control and start to own it
understand the dynamics and probabilities are there
but being down only sees through a lens of fear
Cause we’ve been blessed with so much more
the ability to dream and choose what for
so use your heart
and use your mind
see this moment as a start
of the magic you will find


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