A Fourth to Remember

Marine Park

Today is the day of independence
So let us remember the events that led to this

Yeah this world isn’t so perfect
As there’s so much left to do
But let’s not discredit the people
Who lost what they didn’t have to lose

How many lives does our freedom cost?
A notion often taken for granted,
And held up by a shaky trust
With inefficient government agencies
Overflowing prisons at home
And constant wars over seas
People desperate and still in need
Now is the time for love to be freed

Cause we’ve had enough of this greed
Obsessed nation
when we have the potential 
To change the reality we’re facing
To stop and feel the breeze
Like me, I hope you think it’s amazing
Something truly worth sharing
At no other cost than being mutually caring
To move forward together as one people bearing
Navigating humanity through history without all fearing
Our shared end that’s constantly nearing

Cause you and me still have a role to play
In shaping this world in our own heart’s way
And we can start by living each day for tomorrow
Finding gratitude internally to match all the sorrow

So raise a glass on up high
For we are blessed with this peaceful sky
Where more and more of us don’t have to hide
Let’s take a moment to remember all that died
Knowing they exist in our hearts
Giving us the strength to try
And continue
To live out our days
As well as our nights

So from East to West
And South to North
I wish you the best
And a Happy July Fourth! 

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