We wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun.

It also makes it easier to be outside.

Don’t have to squint.
Don’t have to feel the uncomfortable brightness.

How many of us wear sunglasses on our hearts?

Making the lows not hurt as much,
But also limiting the power of the highs.

What do sunglasses of the heart look like?

I’d call them loveglasses.

Ways to make things more of the same by putting a dark shade over everything.

I always feel a little different when I wear sunglasses.

It changes the dynamic of how I feel while interacting with people.

Eye contact is broken. It doesn’t feel as connection-like.

Same with loveglasses.

I wonder how I’d act if I could take my loveglasses off.

Guess what —

Love is as bright as the sun.

You can either embrace it and squint,

Or it can be dulled.

The choice, as it’s always been, is yours.

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