Dreams in the Mirror: Part 10

I’m here now
Somebody for you to believe in
I’ve come to start weaving
Together separated threads
Of reality mixed with love and with dread
No longer used to treading on the safer side
Finding it easier to run and to hide
From problems to share yet no one to confide in
When you just want to open up
And renew an inner trust
Between your past, future, and present
States of mind, I’m here to represent the idea
That you can write through your fears
Vocalize the struggle you’ve been fighting for years
Countless tears
For these internal battles are shared
More frequently than you’d expect
We’re all souls drifting
Not knowing what’ll happen next
Whose life can flip upside down
By taking a right turn instead of a left
But not left alone, cause time again has shown
We can connect so long as we’re together
And collectively choose to grow
Finding internal flow
You’ll definitely know
In the realm of self-reflection
Look in the mirror and enjoy the show

FIN — I hope you enjoyed!

Dreams in the Mirror is a 10 part series. It began as a short bit I wrote while venting about self-directed frustrations. During my recent Spring semester, I had gotten lazy with my studies and personal projects. Feeling extremely dissatisfied, I processed my feelings through writing what is now Part 1. Several months later, after the semester had ended, I now find myself commuting to my dream job. During my work-bound train-rides I have downtime to think and to write. I came across Part 1 and began writing responses. The subsequent 9 parts are all focused on answering the frustrations of my past and building hope for the future. This piece has been fundamental in my recent mindset toward life and I’m very happy that I have the ability to share it with the world.

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