Symphonies Against the Silence

I want to be Eminem but high on inspiration
To lead this generation to create a better nation
Become a hit sensation
Just by telling people to believe
Look in deeply to see you can achieve your wildest dreams
All that’s stopping you is effort and a whole lot of time
Don’t let up and a world you will find
Of impossible creativity
One to share
Between the next you and me
No longer rocking to those old CDs
But feeling it all online
Your voice is growing
It’s more than ready to shine

And the world will spin on by
Regardless of whether or not
You make the choice to try
So why not let go
Of the pain you used to know
Instead see it differently
Almost as if impossibly
New perspectives start entering
Changing the outlook on what’s always been the same scene
Now strong enough to face the pain
Embracing weakness without disdain
Blessed with the Love to still feel sane

Making the choice not to escape
Upon understanding the importance
Of a future left to shape
It’s too soon to give up on your heart
Not when music like this is in the air
Symphonies against the silence invoking feelings to share
When we’re all rocking to the same beat
We can feel that we care
No longer alone
Among those here and those there
Together we can mutually bare
What our future has in store
No matter what — no matter where

Photographer: Björn Simon


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