Overflowing with lies
Excuses building walls to hide behind insincere intentions
On the wrong side of life’s fences
Too busy dreaming of grass on the other side
Without even attempting to water
The green in front of eyes aged with years of growth

There’s no excuse for giving up hope
So don’t try to make the case
For a mind stuck in that painful place
There are others too, who need to embrace
The honest truth that Love is shared
So long as we share it
Our fate can be changed
So long as we bear it
Together hand in hand weathering the storms that pass
Taking a moment to mourn the past
And look forward to the future
Knowing what we want most in life
Won’t simply arrive in an Amazon box, neatly tied in a bow
Self-respect and pride in tow
No it’s not that easy
But this you already know!

The problem is the doubt
That infects and clouds
Visionary ideals
Converting dreams into topics to never again be revealed
As if the love was locked away,  and then forever sealed
Without any armor or even a shield
We numb the pain but continue to yield
And refrain from following that which resonates
With the heart and the brain
Hesitating to jump onto life’s train
When already given the ticket
I’m here to remind you
That there’s still time to miss it

I found this poem in my notebook — the date was 7/28/2014. Had I not come across it while flipping pages, I may have forgotten about it completely. By chance it caught my eye and has now become a new post. This is a perfect example as to why I love this blog. I recently reached a point where I was writing so many rhymes that If I didn’t start sharing them, then they’d simply be lost in my notes. This way I get to share them with you and for this, I am grateful.

Photographer: José Martín Ramírez Carrasco

6 thoughts on “Ticket?

  1. On a completely unrelated note, when I first saw the title of your poem I was immediately transported to that scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. While the poem didn’t quite have to do with that, it was still a beautiful read.

  2. Beautiful thoughts and well said ‘tonotmissthebliss’!

    I thought I would respond with this:

    A world filled with “ism”
    The poem a “Ticket”,
    Gives the holder a prism

    That fills the Air
    not with more ideas,
    nor concepts unfair

    But a track towards
    a Light that is bright
    a Comfort forwards.

    Ha! I enjoyed your post. Have a beautiful day!

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