Move Forward – End the Delay

Writing as if I found salvation
When in reality I’m merely just venting frustration
Of the fact that I see what needs to be done
But yet I’m still waiting
For that other day
As if life will just come my way
All the while feeling my health
Deteriorate against the truth
That you can’t procrastinate your youth
The most powerful thing in the world
Is your ability to grow
When once curled in a ball
Like a baby — oh so small
Now an “adult”
At fault for the events leading up to this
All the while this writing bears witness
To the tragic juxtaposition
Of time only spent wishing
Thinking tomorrow was meant to handle today’s mistakes
As If I could borrow my future
To be selfish for some days
Purposely blind with delays
On paying off the debt
That my past still needs to pay
With a growing regret
That I can’t seem to shake
Unable to take off the mask that continues to fake
A sense of understanding with sanity
Wondering the line between art and insanity
Frustrated by all this useless vanity
Lucky to have friends who still stand with me
Growing in their own direction
Acquiring strength surely and slowly
Inspiring me not to just give up on myself
Keeping me from stowing my dreams on the shelf

Photographer: Dustpuppy72

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