Grow, My Friend

I’m trying to fall into love
To exude it like the sun exudes its warmth
The power to heal not given just to time
But in these hands, in these words
These moments of mine
A power to shine
But at the same time
Growing uncertainty begins to unwind
Any fought for sanity, my calmer state of mind
And enter the scene comes a part of me I ever wish to deny
The part who doesn’t care, the one who lets love die

Because he doesn’t quite understand how it all works
As love on the surface appears like something to be obtained
But rather, it’s already within you, flowing through your veins
From your head to your toes, love always remains
As there’s no better time than now to renew
A stronger sense of living true
Your dreams of late deserve daylight too

So let this re-spark an inner passion, let me lead you towards action
Perplexed consciousness amid a world of big numbers and small fractions
I know you feel stuck
But I need you to move
This is your life
Whose time there’s little left to lose
All I want is for you to grow
For you to choose
A life worth living without the self-abuse
Making smart choices so you can produce
Works of art instead of a noose

Photographer: Dustin Scarpitti

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