Love Infused Stardust

One step, one note
Just one motion forward
The choice of moving toward the next expression of life
Each passing day and night blinking like a flashing light
Until the day that tragic strikes
And then we remember just how short the journey is
Yearning for more, barely able to bear this inevitable sense of doom
Death around the corner, the ever-present sense of gloom
But then it makes me laugh at how mad it all is

An infinite series of patterns growing out of grasp
And here we are
Despite all the pain able to choose to rise and love again
Able to wear that smile ’till it rings true, cause a smile shared is not just for you
It’s contagious — outrageous! — the infectious speed of connecting across the ages
Call it an ideal against all these shifting deals between the powers that be
Yet in this moment let’s not forget the power in you and me

Photographer: Nicole Eliason

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