Life is Spaghetti



No longer self-created incapacitation
Hesitation waning to the waning phase complaining
No longer sustaining my self shaming
Time spent blaming mistakes made
Instead of growing for the new day
Having something good to say
Flip this coin and turn it brave

‘Cause I’m tired of living in my own cave
My dark place to displace discomfort
As if impulse could ease how love hurts
Running away simply making the pain worse

So this is the new verse where I either die
Or I strive
The choice in my mind
Playing out at the edge of each line
No longer just a simple answer to find
But one to create
‘Cause right now it’s too easy to hate reflections
Misconceptions of internally mixed messages
As I continually tangle up all of life’s lessons

Photographer: Jose Murillo

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