A New Life’s Resolution


Step step step, right to this next breath
dive straight into the air, take in these windy depths
of fresh oxygen to cleanse your hidden skin
washing off the hate, not letting it fester again
because you know how it goes
how hate hides and it grows, until you look in the mirror
just to see how your body’s been thrown
into a painful mold of broken dreams with wishes postponed
so take a deep breath and recall these lessons in your bones

For one, self love never meant accepting everything as it is
as that’s resignation and denial of the ways choices build up and how they spiral
you have to drag yourself out of troughs
using consistency and discipline all while the motivation stalls
and you know you could never outrun your fork
so let go of your phone and focus on what’s there to explore instead of mindlessly eating as soon as you get bored
remembering no black mirror will bring the ocean breeze to your door

Second, you must recognize mental health is always a piece of the puzzle
and weight loss alone won’t be the sole answer
it’s wholistic life changes of a journey over time
this is not a path of instant gratification
no cellular notification to give you a body feeling fine
without obesity’s ailments and this self-combative mind
so let go of the idea that binging is sublime

Third and lastly, you can become the change you envision
transforming heartbreaking days only spent wishing
into those of bravery, committed to these life changing decisions
so keep practicing states of flow
living for moments when a perfect musical note
strikes your bones and shakes your soul
inspiring you to move, your catalyst to grow

Photo by me 🙂

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