Synaptic Sequences

A concept stored in
electrical pathways from neuron to neuron
billions of cells continuously engaged
into the motions that lead these words
onto this page

Always processing patterns out of nothingness
identifying objects and trying to put a name on all of this
as if language could ever describe

How could I forget that nothing exists in persistence
when all this time, the truth has been change
from youth to old age
my self-constructed cage has merely been illusion
from a mind afraid to live a life of its choosing

Photographer: Parthiv Haldipur

Mysterious Witnesses

Jumping off the hype train
Tired of feeling the same pain
Self hate
Self doubt
Clouds and clouds
Blocking my sunny day
My sunny way

Evidently self-created from the start
I laugh and say “Hah, I’m just too lazy”
But that laugh is only partially serious
Not alluding to the hidden sense
And I need a bit of change

Ignoring the clearly found answers
To live life by dancing for something worth standing for
Feel it in your beating heart
Here exists your soul
As some kind of unknown part of infinite personified stories
The Universe’s blip of somehow knowing
That it exists in ways it can not even comprehend

For on scientific frontiers of all Humanity
We’re just trying to figure out
The next point of sanity
Yet never reaching unanimity
In fully understanding
These remaining true hypotheses
Wondrous anomalies of inexplicable existences
Among continuous persistences
Observed by Us, the mysterious witnesses
As The line between what is Known
And that which is not
Continues its blurry
And ever dynamic plot


That moment when you realize every human being that you pass is also a system comprised of organs comprised of cells comprised of molecules comprised of atoms on a planet zooming around a star that is zooming around a black hole in a galaxy that is one of uncountable galaxies. I’m communicating to you through the ones and zeroes that make up the fabric of modern technology. Transmitting wifi through air to travel incredible distances culminating at your device which translates electricity into pixels that produce this text.

Everything and nothing of existence beautifully intertwined into wondrous polarity of
The in and the out
The big and the small
The self and the other
The atom and the galaxy

A universe aware
A moment to breathe
My verse to share
One for you to read

Image: Luis Argerich – The Orion Nebula

Degeneration Frustration

Can’t look away
Overtaken by fear and amazement
Seeing parts of the world that haven’t even changed yet
Death and destruction reported daily on the global net
Diseases running wild
Now I’m fretting what’ll happen next

Religious fundamentalism
Only aims to disrupt the wisdom
That we are one Human race
On a rock out in space
Given time and a place
To lock arms and embrace
Instead we only can deface
Spilling blood in vicious haste

Not seeing religion as an attempt to make sense
Of the unanswered questions
That science still has left
Taking people in on the promise of deliverance
Turn them into pawns in a battle of dominions
Quick to stir bloodshed on the basis of opinions

Using people’s dreams as a means to an end
Separating unity by making foe out of friend