Dreams in the Mirror: Part 9

Cause it all begins
The moment you believe
That growth comes from within
As a result of what’s out
And already existing
Without a how-to guide
There’s no predefined listing
On this crazy roller coaster ride
It’s up to you to make up your own life
But know not alone, you got people by your side

Believe in yourself and follow your dreams
Is more than just words for posters and schemes
It’s the core of this mindset, the one behind the scenes

The line between the world and your dreams
Can be blurrier than it seems
We’ve all been saying this
You just have to believe
That who you see in the mirror
Has already been given the impossible power to breath

Already a super hero
To those within your reach

Including your future self
As he’s not as strong as you think
And still needs an internal crutch to hold on to
For when life throws one too many curveballs
So give him something to read
Someone to believe in

Next: Part 10 – 8/13/2014

Dreams in the Mirror is a 10 part series. It began as a short bit I wrote while venting about self-directed frustrations. During my recent Spring semester, I had gotten lazy with my studies and personal projects. Feeling extremely dissatisfied, I processed my feelings through writing what is now Part 1. Several months later, after the semester had ended, I now find myself commuting to my dream job. During my work-bound train-rides I have downtime to think and to write. I came across Part 1 and began writing responses. The subsequent 9 parts are all focused on answering the frustrations of my past and building hope for the future. This piece has been fundamental in my recent mindset toward life and I’m very happy that I have the ability to share it with the world.

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