Break the Apathy

There we go
Almost lost the show ya know
Couldn’t find the Evernote
Writing stories just to say I wrote
Cause you’ll never know
When you’re gonna grow
Next challenge on the corner
Now you’re stronger and can afford to
Take a hit or two from life
Standing tall like a human being
Supported by a wall
Of friendship and family
Altogether just breathing
The same shared air
On a planet numbered one
Whose story still unsung
A moment to be aware
Of how far we’ve been flung
In a universe both here and there
Polarity undiscovered
Between whats wrong and whats fair
People living separately
Hatred and animosity
With a sense of such ferocity
In difference of another
Take on a heartbeat
Organs still the same
Just the visuals and culture differing
What if we thought differently
Somehow, just magically
Ideal didn’t have to be
So damn far from reality
This is why I’m writing here
An attempt to guide you much more near
A sense of understanding
That questions remain outstanding
And change will only come after the moment we all demand it

For those wondering, Evernote is the application I use to record my fleeting thoughts as I go about my days. I’ve been using it pretty consistently for a few months now and it’s beginning to pay off. Here’s one example: My recent post, Blip, was a fleeting thought from last month on August 13th, 9:07 AM. Must have been during my commute into work. That little thought — that fleeting idea — I probably hadn’t thought about since. Upon revisiting the idea during some time spent browsing notes, it struck me as something powerful and worth sharing. And thus, a moment later, a new post was born.

NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center – Sunrise/Sunset Over Earth (NASA, International Space Station, 07/31/14) (Woah, they took this photo on my birthday. Sweet!)

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