Story Yet Unwritten

Too soon to give up on this project
Not yet
Can’t let my friends be the only ones to progress
Change must come in order to have this sense of accomplishment
Rewarded for the hardness
Goals on the hinges
Standing before life’s doorstep of infinite mountains
Now I wonder what there is to fret
So I’m done building up my handicap
The game’s already begun and here comes the second act

It’s all about discipline
Don’t mind past mistakes
Just call them the introduction to the story yet unwritten
That doesn’t have to be about how you’ve been sitting
Letting life slip by like a roller coaster ride
Without taking the steering wheel
To try to make this theme kart fly
Off the tracks to soar in the roaring sky
No longer held back by self limitations
Looking Death in the eye with a cheerful Salutations
An habitual sense of greatness
Comes hand in hand with long-term discipline
Investing the energy to finally reel in
Impulsive desires that tell you to stop moving forward
“To sit back and take it slow
Why do it now, when tomorrow you can grow?”

To that voice in my head, I say take a closer look
You’ve seen a friend die, like the unexpected end of a book
There is no preparation or form of escape
That overpowers the emotions of facing our fate
Regardless what we do, whether we act or we wait
We will die, so why not LIVE GREAT
Use the freedom that fueled the dreams of late
To look within and without to continually create

Photographer: Tanvi Malik

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