Linguistic Dance

Welcome to my blog tonotmissthebliss
What’s this?
I’m glad you ask, stay for a moment, I truly insist
Share with me your heart so that you can assist
To impact the world with your words instead of fists

Because you see I’ve come across this realization
I can use my own emotions for artistic creations
Generating linguistic sensations
Propelling you down a single block of text
With rhymes so real that you’re ready for the next
String of words to read
As if writing itself can also breathe

This blog is my playground
Where I get to play around with these words that aim to
Invoke my emotions in a brand new moment
To capture my heart and begin to show it
Let the music flow in streams of thought and consciousness
Crafted into rhymes that hint at this single bliss
That absorbing oneself always seems to bring within it

During time of play
The concept of time merely fades away
No recipe required or steps to achieve
Just dream, create, and you’ll forget to breathe
As it already happens involuntarily
When focused on something else
Putting worries up on the shelf

Figuring out the better half of the same coin
Bringing lightness to the dark while attempting to join
The world into sanity of knowing
Exposing my attempts to understand myself while consistently showing
The fun of it all, merely just playing, having the time of my life
Following this Slip-N-Slide of magical rhymes
Gliding through these rides and tides of emotions
Just motions of words against the silence
Hoping to be part of a world of lesser violence
Where we live with our hearts
Letting love run free
This is where I want to be
The world of love, with you and with me


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