Now Is The Chance to Become Yourself

It’s time to start reading the words that you’ve been writing
Though your body’s been delayed, your heart’s still been fighting
Never stopped guiding you to believe the words you keep on saying
Grow, create, and don’t ever stop playing
You’re too young to let lack of energy be a valid excuse
Drop your sadness and your worries
Compared to the rest of the world
You truly have nothing to lose

Don’t be afraid to finish a task
You can move forward
You don’t need to ask for permission to grow
Trust this, you’ve already come to know
This feeling resonating inside your mind
Let go of the uneasy thoughts of leaving behind
The past versions of your existence
Stop reeling in the face of change
Embrace it as your chance to become stronger than you used to be
Not just letting time pass amusingly
But converting the blessing of being free
Into choices that lead you towards becoming me

3 thoughts on “Now Is The Chance to Become Yourself

    • Hey there, I’m here listening to music and re-reading some of my recent work. Sorry this is so late, but thank you for your comment.

      I’ve been struggling a lot on moving forward with personal projects. My head likes to say “well I cant do B until I finish A”, and I end up making excuses to never complete A. I wrote this poem to try to tell myself that its ok, its time to move forward and grow.

      Also, I’ve seen you like a bunch of other stuff too. Thanks for the support! It makes the world of difference knowing my emotions and writing resonate with others.


      • You’re welcome. It’s no problem at all. I truly enjoy reading and thinking about your writings. You’re an amazing and talented writer.

        Also, I’m glad you wrote the poem it’s okay and it’s time to move forward and grow. It’s good to let out your emotions.

        Thanks again, for sharing this!

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